Michael Perry – Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Sparta, NJ, resident Michael Perry has been providing experienced marketing services to a variety of companies throughout his career. After leaving the Sparta, NJ-based Bella Finn, Michael Perry joined Clubs Galore, where he serves as the head of marketing.

Committed to the development of his leadership and management skills, Michael Perry received Six Sigma Black Belt certification, an indicator of consistently high-quality performance, while serving JPMorgan Chase in the early 2000s. Individuals with this certification have demonstrated their familiarity with Six Sigma methodology, which focuses on the reduction or elimination of inefficiencies or defects to improve organizational processes. DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) is a Six Sigma Black Belt sub-methodology relied upon to accomplish this objective for existing processes, whereas a slightly modified version of this sub-methodology is used for new ones. In addition to an ability to understand and execute these sub-methodologies, Six Sigma Black Belts demonstrate strong leadership skills.

To qualify for Six Sigma Black Belt certification, professionals must possess relevant experience, pass an exam, and complete at least one Six Sigma project. After certification, a person should be able to complete four to six projects annually, saving organizations around $230,000 per project, according to the Six Sigma Academy.


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