Taking a Conversation to the Next Level

deep conversations
deep conversations


Michael Perry, from Sparta, NJ, has served as the head of marketing at Clubs Galore since 2012. Clubs Galore is an online retail store specializing in a wide variety of gift subscription clubs. In his spare time, Michael Perry enjoys engaging in deep conversations with others.

For those that like to go beyond small talk and engage in deep conversation, it can be difficult at times to find someone who shares your interests. When searching for an opportunity to take a conversation below the surface, it is helpful to remember several guidelines:

First, realize that not everyone enjoys deep conversations. Sometimes the mood or atmosphere isn’t right, or the person with whom you are speaking just isn’t interested. In those situations, it is helpful to recognize the need to find a small circle of friends that share a similar desire for intellectual or philosophical discussions.

Though it can be risky in social settings, asking a deeper question in the midst of conversation can often pay off and lead to an excellent conversation. Rather than simply asking questions that require shorter answers (“What do you do for a living?”), you can follow up with open-ended questions (“What is your favorite thing about your job?”).

Finally, in the midst of a conversation, it is important to genuinely engage and pay attention to what others are saying. Listen and ask meaningful questions rather than simply planning your next response. It is also helpful to discover what the other person is truly passionate about and try to relate to that topic.

Engaging in meaningful conversation with others often takes a great deal of work and a certain level of discernment. When done well however, it can be extremely rewarding and the springboard to valuable relationships.


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