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New Find –

Pretty cool site. I have been able to set up a few “recipes” of If this, Then that – I can set up one through Twitter where you can search for specific keywords in a specific geo region. I think that is an interesting play for small businesses.



Weekend in DC – Real Estate Conference

I was staying at a hotel in DC that was hosting a real estate conference. I was very impressed with the excitement that the attendees had for how the market is progressing. I was able to talk to a few folks and they talked about their biggest challenges being CRM, referrals, referrals, and referrals….

Clearly driving their business is top of mind for them! What I didn’t know was that 8 out of 10 agents are actually independent contractors, they are their own brand. Also, that most Real Estate professionals are coming to the industry as a second career.

I want to stop fishing in “big seas”

When dealing with “Consumer Audiences” it is often tough having conversations about what comes next, or how to address a problem. When the audience is too big (Big Seas) then often the conversation is too big as well. A lot of things become options. You find yourself having conversations like “Why do we sell more in Texas than we do in Florida?” – OK interesting question. However, is that the real question we should be asking, is there narrower approach that we should be taking. If we narrow the conversation and the tightly define the attributes of the market/audience/industry we are looking at, then I think the questions could become more interesting.

Customer Wants and Needs

When building an e-commerce offering I am often reminded, in many ways, that consumers don’t buy “what we do” – more often than not they “buy why we do it” – additionally, building an appropriate consumer strategy can mean balancing the art of sacrifice. Some of the best ideas, features, programs may have to wait, while more basic elements go to the top of the list.

The Effects of Reading on Memory and Communication

Michael Perry of Sparta, NJ, is an avid reader whose interests range from Irish history to the writings of Cicero. As an experienced marketing professional, he also enjoys reading about consumer behavior and new branding methods. In his professional life, Michael Perry leads the marketing efforts for Clubs Galore, which has shipping headquarters located three hours outside of Sparta in Setauket, New York.

Reading provides individuals with a number of obvious benefits. Novels and short stories offer alternate worlds that serve as a reprieve from the stresses of everyday life, while works of nonfiction allow a person to expand their knowledge of topics ranging from world history to proper diet. Many people may be unaware that reading every day offers a litany of additional benefits, such as improved memory. Studies have revealed that every new memory generates synapses in the brain while simultaneously strengthening existing synapses. Each time a new character, subplot, or chronological fact is introduced during a reading session, the brain creates new synapses which improve short-term memory recall. These new synapses also help with mood stabilization.

Reading frequently can also benefit an individual’s ability to communicate. Gathering general knowledge plays a part in conversing with and connecting to others, while reading can additionally help to expand a person’s vocabulary and improve his or her abilities of analytical reasoning. Most importantly, the more a person reads, the easier it is for him or her to convey thoughts through writing. This skill can be applied to their own creative works or used in professional settings.

Players Against Concussions

Players Against Concussions (PAC) is a non-profit that focuses on safety in children’s sports. It is founded by Jeremy Roenick, Bode Miller and Jim McMahon. PAC is a pro-sports approach to sports safety, they recognize all the wonderful good that can come from sports activities and competition. Their goal is to just make is safer for children. I am very happy that I can help support this endeavor as their head of marketing. I am looking forward to working with JR, Bode and Jim. If you want more information you can follow them on Facebook and @PlayersAC

Professional Roles Within Six Sigma Programs

Michael Perry, a Sparta, NJ, resident and Six Sigma Black Belt, uses the data-driven methodologies of Six Sigma in his role as head of marketing at, a New York-based business that specializes in quality gifts for all occasions, prides itself on providing superior products. Michael Perry was a welcome addition to the team in 2012 because of his proven success at launching, with the help of Six Sigma, new products that meet the highest of standards.

Six Sigma is a measurement-based quality management strategy used within an organization, focused on identifying errors quickly and minimizing variability in process for an end product that is nearly perfect. For every 1 million opportunities of non-conformance there must be no more than 3.4 errors found, or a project can’t reach Six Sigma Quality. The strict quality control applications of Six Sigma hinge on the people administering the methodology.

The idea of “professionalizing” quality control is a key factor of Six Sigma, which makes the near-perfect level of quality possible. Six Sigma assigns a hierarchy of roles within an organization, which, in descending order, include:

1. Executive Leadership
2. Champions
3. Master Black Belts
4. Black Belts
5. Green Belts
6. Orange Belts
7. Yellow Belts
8. White Belts

Six Sigma roles are used within a number of major US organizations. Michael Perry himself became a Black Belt during his four years at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Through his implementation of the stringent quality-control strategies, he was able to increase revenue by $27 million from 2000 to 2002 while reducing the cost of customer acquisition by 8 percent.