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Weekend in DC – Real Estate Conference

I was staying at a hotel in DC that was hosting a real estate conference. I was very impressed with the excitement that the attendees had for how the market is progressing. I was able to talk to a few folks and they talked about their biggest challenges being CRM, referrals, referrals, and referrals….

Clearly driving their business is top of mind for them! What I didn’t know was that 8 out of 10 agents are actually independent contractors, they are their own brand. Also, that most Real Estate professionals are coming to the industry as a second career.


Organizational Design – A Brief Introduction

The former chief operating officer of BellaFinn in Sparta, NJ, Michael Perry currently works as the head of marketing for ClubsGalore. At ClubsGalore, the Sparta, NJ, resident is responsible for sales, marketing, and communications across all platforms including web, e-mail, social media, event, video, and print . In his free time, Michael Perry pursues an interest in Husserlian phenomenology, econometrics, and organizational design.

Organizational design refers to the process of managing and integrating the various components of an organization, including people, information, and technology, in order to achieve its overall goals. Companies with a strong organizational design align the leadership’s management style and company’s processes with its specific needs, philosophy, goals, and structure.

Good organizational design also facilitates communication, productivity, and innovation within a company and helps create an environment where employees and management can work effectively. Although organizational design can be improved from within a company, many organizations benefit from a third-party consultant who can view the company from an outsider’s perspective and make suggestions based on his or her observations.