Organizational Design – A Brief Introduction

The former chief operating officer of BellaFinn in Sparta, NJ, Michael Perry currently works as the head of marketing for ClubsGalore. At ClubsGalore, the Sparta, NJ, resident is responsible for sales, marketing, and communications across all platforms including web, e-mail, social media, event, video, and print . In his free time, Michael Perry pursues an interest in Husserlian phenomenology, econometrics, and organizational design.

Organizational design refers to the process of managing and integrating the various components of an organization, including people, information, and technology, in order to achieve its overall goals. Companies with a strong organizational design align the leadership’s management style and company’s processes with its specific needs, philosophy, goals, and structure.

Good organizational design also facilitates communication, productivity, and innovation within a company and helps create an environment where employees and management can work effectively. Although organizational design can be improved from within a company, many organizations benefit from a third-party consultant who can view the company from an outsider’s perspective and make suggestions based on his or her observations.


Professional Roles Within Six Sigma Programs

Michael Perry, a Sparta, NJ, resident and Six Sigma Black Belt, uses the data-driven methodologies of Six Sigma in his role as head of marketing at, a New York-based business that specializes in quality gifts for all occasions, prides itself on providing superior products. Michael Perry was a welcome addition to the team in 2012 because of his proven success at launching, with the help of Six Sigma, new products that meet the highest of standards.

Six Sigma is a measurement-based quality management strategy used within an organization, focused on identifying errors quickly and minimizing variability in process for an end product that is nearly perfect. For every 1 million opportunities of non-conformance there must be no more than 3.4 errors found, or a project can’t reach Six Sigma Quality. The strict quality control applications of Six Sigma hinge on the people administering the methodology.

The idea of “professionalizing” quality control is a key factor of Six Sigma, which makes the near-perfect level of quality possible. Six Sigma assigns a hierarchy of roles within an organization, which, in descending order, include:

1. Executive Leadership
2. Champions
3. Master Black Belts
4. Black Belts
5. Green Belts
6. Orange Belts
7. Yellow Belts
8. White Belts

Six Sigma roles are used within a number of major US organizations. Michael Perry himself became a Black Belt during his four years at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Through his implementation of the stringent quality-control strategies, he was able to increase revenue by $27 million from 2000 to 2002 while reducing the cost of customer acquisition by 8 percent.

Social Media Club Helps Professionals in Over 300 Cities

Michael Perry, a Sparta, NJ, local and head of marketing at, understands the importance of social media. Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ are all outlets he and his team used to launch six new products and increase overall revenue growth by 15 percent since 2012. The Social Media Club, an organization focused on increasing media literacy and promoting social media technologies, is a core resource for Michael Perry and many others.

As a member of the Social Media Club of New York City, professionals from the greater New York area, including Sparta, are able to connect and share ideas for implementing effective social media strategies. This has been especially beneficial for Mr. Perry, who joined to develop their marketing functions. This responsibility requires creating marketing and communications strategies, developing media campaigns, and driving web traffic. Social Media Club is just one outlet he uses to harness new platforms of communication to improve brand awareness, connect with customers, and share the company’s knowledge.

The Social Media Club has been shining light on the most effective social media practices and helping professionals connect with their peers for seven years. The rapid expansion of social media has helped fuel the fast-paced growth of the organization, which now boasts over 300 local chapters in cities around the world.

Michael Perry – Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Sparta, NJ, resident Michael Perry has been providing experienced marketing services to a variety of companies throughout his career. After leaving the Sparta, NJ-based Bella Finn, Michael Perry joined Clubs Galore, where he serves as the head of marketing.

Committed to the development of his leadership and management skills, Michael Perry received Six Sigma Black Belt certification, an indicator of consistently high-quality performance, while serving JPMorgan Chase in the early 2000s. Individuals with this certification have demonstrated their familiarity with Six Sigma methodology, which focuses on the reduction or elimination of inefficiencies or defects to improve organizational processes. DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) is a Six Sigma Black Belt sub-methodology relied upon to accomplish this objective for existing processes, whereas a slightly modified version of this sub-methodology is used for new ones. In addition to an ability to understand and execute these sub-methodologies, Six Sigma Black Belts demonstrate strong leadership skills.

To qualify for Six Sigma Black Belt certification, professionals must possess relevant experience, pass an exam, and complete at least one Six Sigma project. After certification, a person should be able to complete four to six projects annually, saving organizations around $230,000 per project, according to the Six Sigma Academy.