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Tips for Driving Web Traffic via Blogs

Social Media
Social Media


As head of marketing for ClubsGalore, Michael Perry of Sparta, NJ, oversees a multi-platform consumer outreach strategy. In this role, Sparta’s Michael Perry is responsible for all aspects of web marketing, including maximizing web traffic.

To effectively drive web traffic, a business must take advantage of the many forms of Internet communication available. One of the most salient is the blog, which a 2015 study by Entrepreneur magazine revealed can increase web traffic by 300 percent in only eight weeks. If the business then promotes the blog through featured posts on social media, which target the company’s desired audience, such posts can reach a broader audience.

Increased activity may stimulate traffic as well. Even one additional post per week can increase traffic by more than 18 percent, provided that the posts are engaging and of high quality. Blog writers may also wish to guest post on other blogs to further drive an increase in visits, as doing so can establish connections with other bloggers who have the ability to drive traffic.

The content of the blog must also engage the audience, though the title of each post may be the most important element. Up to 80 percent of readers may skim the headline and move on unless they feel interested enough to read the content itself. However, it may be worth the writer’s time to create a few more in-depth posts for long-term visit acquisition, and to create interactive quiz-style posts to actively engage the reader.